40: Learning From Others – Jason Baller


Today’s guest is Jason Baller the co-host of the Sprinkled with Hope podcast. Today we discuss the things he has learned from his guests in the 100+ episodes they have recorded over the past year or so. He has noticed some recurring themes and truths that have come up across all those interviews. He has noticed that success is often tied to a person’s ability to be humble and grateful. Being humble enough to ask for help in improving and then showing gratitude for the help we receive really goes a long way. 

Jason is also now offering two separate courses on their podcast’s website. you can learn more by going to: https://sprinkledwithhope.com/training-courses

I hope you enjoy the conversation. I know I did!

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Phil Salter 0:00
Welcome to no better time. I’m Phil Salter, and today I’m so happy to be here with Jason Baller, who’s a co host of an incredible podcast called sprinkled with hope. Welcome, Jason.

Jason Baller 0:15
Yeah. Thanks for having me on, Phil. I appreciate it.

Phil Salter 0:18
Oh, of course. Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it. We kind of been going back and forth. And I, I even gave you a shout out on a previous episode, because you reached out to me, just to give me encouragement about doing the podcast and give me some, some feedback and some recommendations for some guests. And one of the things that, uh, that really drew me to you is the fact that you also have been doing a podcast for a little while yourself. This is sprinkled with hope podcasts. And you were just telling me you’re about to almost about to hit your 100th episode, correct?

Jason Baller 0:49
Yeah, it’s, it’s pretty incredible the journey that, that I’ve been on for the last year, and we’re gonna hit the 100th episode, the day after our year anniversary, so Yeah, wow. been going strong for a while.

Phil Salter 1:04
That’s incredible. Congratulations. Thank you. It’s got to be feel really good. And that have you been able to find from doing that, like, that you’re finding a community of people that listen and that give you feedback?

Jason Baller 1:18
Yeah, that there, there is a community out there of people that that like to listen to, you know, my podcast is all around hope and finding more hope. And, you know, in this troubled world that, you know, seems to be kind of everything, ripping you down. And so, you know, my podcast is more about building you up. And, and, granted, we’ve talked to every individual you can think of, from coaches, to musicians to just interviewed my first NFL head football coach. Wow. Last week, so yeah, it was really awesome.

Phil Salter 1:56
Have you found over time, you’ll be able to get kind of those higher and higher. I don’t know if you’d say tear guests that are kind of like an NFL coach. That’s pretty awesome.

Jason Baller 2:04
Yeah. Yeah. It was Andy Reid from the from the Kansas City Chiefs. Wow, pretty great conversation, actually. But yeah, like, you know, I think that, at least, you know, what I found is hope runs through every buddy. And so that’s what I talked about. Yours is obviously a little different. But I’m happy to share the some of the things that I’ve learned from my guests about those kinds of topics as well. So definitely,

Phil Salter 2:33
because you talk to entrepreneurs, people that are successful in all kinds of ways. I even talked to someone that was still just graduating high school who had lost her, was it both legs? I think it was, yeah, just drunk driver. And, yeah, just all kinds of guests, which is really awesome. And then just that, that through line of hope and positivity, which I really appreciate, because I think you’re right, there’s not enough hope out there. I mean, it’s out there. I just don’t think it’s emphasized. It’s not, it’s not lacking, right. It’s the emphasis on it. This may be lacking. Sure. And I think that’s really cool. Because I think that there’s a lot of men, particular maybe who would feel like, they can’t be super positive and uplifting and encouraging people. You know, maybe that’s more of a thing of the past. But I just think the thing is more manly than building people up. Nothing’s more womanly, like, I mean, you know what I’m saying? Like, it’s a human, right?

Jason Baller 3:28
Yeah, it is. And that’s it. It’s a human factor. So,

Phil Salter 3:32
yeah. And I kind of mentioned you like, I have some questions I’ve been trying to ask everyone is a kind of a kicking off point, you’re still determining if it’s the thing at the end of the beginning, but we’ll start we’ll go with the beginning for now. But to me, yeah. So the thing I always I noticed that I thought of as I was thinking of as podcasts. And when I was kind of doing my initial episodes where I was talking about my experience with finances, and kind of what led me to think, hey, I want to learn more about this. I want to take it head on, I don’t want to be afraid or intimidated by the concept of building wealth and of investing in investing in myself in other ways. But for you as a child, what would you say your relationship was to money as a child? And how’s that maybe kind of evolved as you’ve as you’ve grown up?

Jason Baller 4:16
Yeah. And I think that’s a really great question to ask, you know, when, when I was thinking about that, you know, my parents are not very good with money and never really have been so, you know, when I was younger, you know, my concept of money was probably, well, it is a lot different than it is now that I’m older and having kids and I know that I’m an adult and have a job and all this other stuff, but so, you know, as I was thinking about how it’s evolved, it I have come to respect money in a different way than I did when I was a kid. I think when I was a kid, you know, you just felt like Yeah, you can just buy whatever you want, you just have to have money you can just, and so now, you know, you get a little bit more frugal you, you know, you invest in things that you would like to invest in, you know, I found myself being a little bit more maybe cautious with my money as far as you know, where I’m putting it and what I’m spending it on and what I am investing in. And there’s many different ways to invest, right? Like you could invest in a 401k. Or you could invest in a course, right, that would help you, you know, that that’s a different kind of investment, but it is an investment in yourself. Definitely. And it takes that money to do that. So that’s what I found is just, you know, not just growing my financial wealth, but also my, my intellectual wealth. My, you know, so there’s, there’s also that piece to it, as well, as I was kind of thinking about that.

Phil Salter 6:01
Oh, I totally agree, I think that’s so important is, I mean, we spend so much money on things like, you know, decent size TVs, like I like behind me, here are other things, but sometimes we hesitate to invest in ourselves and think I can’t spend, let’s say it was $500 on some course to to improve ourselves, but I’ll go spend $1,000 on TV, you know, that kind of situation, it’s investing in ourselves is an investment, for sure that is worthwhile. What’s more valuable than investing ourselves and our families, you know, things that will make those things better? For sure. That’s a great, great answer. Because, yeah, I think that my relationship to money has changed. And the ability to recognize, hey, I can, you know, earn a lot of money, if I put my mind to it, that doesn’t become the end all be all of my life, though. Right? But right, with money comes freedom, right, and the ability to make choices to help others and to do great things. So that’s kind of how I see it. And then the other thing I was gonna ask you was, what was the first way you can remember making money? And how old were you?

Jason Baller 7:08
Yeah, that’s, that was that’s also another great question. And so, you know, let’s, let’s go back to my childhood, when, when paper routes were a thing, right? When people actually bought newspapers, I know, it’s hard to imagine. But that that’s, that was the first job, I had an IT guy started that I was probably eight or 10, or something like that, right around there, when I started doing a paper out, and my mom would drive me up and down the street, and I would throw the newspapers out of the back of her station wagon to help make money and, you know, for whatever reason, right? For Penny candies at the, at the store, or whatever it be. And so that’s kind of where, you know, that entrepreneurial spirit kind of came from, was just wow, I could actually kind of do my own thing. And yeah, start to create my own income off of doing little things like this, you know, so that’s, that’s where it started all when I was a kid. Cuz as that,

Phil Salter 8:14
as you know, is gonna be other questions. What was the first entrepreneurial thing you can remember doing? And? Yeah, and I could see there could definitely they’re kind of connected potential there.

Jason Baller 8:23
I kind of connected I mean, it’s a little different. But that’s where this the spirit of it, I think came from, yeah, stun me from that the entrepreneurial side of things. So

Phil Salter 8:34
yeah. Would you say that doing this podcast, you feel it? Do you feel it’s an entrepreneurial endeavor?

Jason Baller 8:38
Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, it, you know, I’ll tell you that it has led to other things. So, you know, I started out this journey of mine, just simply bringing hope back to, to the world and to people. And it has completely evolved into now I’m getting ready to actually launch some courses, some online courses of mine,

Phil Salter 9:10
to help people, what are they about the topic,

Jason Baller 9:12
it’s about hope and, you know, overcoming fears and, you know, finding gratitude and, and how to build more self confidence and things like that, that are really it’s that growth mindset, you know, personal development and, and self growth. But, you know, that’s kind of the avenue that I’m working on right now is building these courses.

Phil Salter 9:37
That’s fantastic. So that those those are great things to be to learning to be learning those strategies of how to approach life in that way. And there’s great a lot of people could use that. I’m sure I know. That’s great. keep bumping my mic. Yeah, that’s really cool. And so is that going to be something that’s kind of still in the works? It sounds like right.

Jason Baller 9:58
Yeah, we’re getting pretty close. launching it. You know, we’ve got pretty much most of the content created through our website. And so we’re, you know, we’re just going to get ready to, to launch the whole thing here. Probably a soft launch here in the next week or two. Oh, wow. Well, then an actual, like full on launch, like July 1 probably is what kind of what we’re thinking. So

Phil Salter 10:22
what’s probably going to be at least a couple of weeks, I think before this episode comes out. So can we are you okay? Saying what, like, where what the website is?

Jason Baller 10:30
Oh, yeah, it’s, it’s just sprinkled with hope, calm? Oh, you know, and so on there, you can find all my stuff. But yeah, that’s kind of where we’re building the courses in the background of that website right now. And so it’s been kind of a learning curve for me, because I’m not really it kind of person. I’m computer savvy. But so this has been kind of a cool little thing to see, you know, how much work actually goes into building something like this? It’s not, yeah, throw it together. And it’s ready, you know?

Phil Salter 11:03
Yeah, for sure. That’s, that’s great. Have you. And you said, the actual official launches July 1.

Jason Baller 11:11
Yeah, that’s kind of what we’re shooting for, we’re gonna do a soft launch where we, you know, get some people that, that have shown some interest in wanting to, you know, kind of be at the forefront of it and kind of do some testing on it, make sure it’s, you know, the content is good. And that works great. And they like it and get some feedback. You know,

Phil Salter 11:30
it’s really exciting. Because, I mean, if someone’s listening to this, and they think, wow, I want to do something I’m not sure what that thing is. You started with a podcast, not originally, with the idea of, hey, I want to make a course out of this something I guess, sell. But you found you found a value and a need that you realize, hey, I’ve interviewed almost 100 people at this point, and we have something that we can share that we’ve learned from that. That’s great. That’s the whole my podcast is all about is like, there’s no better time than now just get started. And I’ve learned that same thing here. I’ve been doing this for, I mean, almost a couple months now. But it’s like, I’ve learned so much. I can start I can start entrepreneurial, I’m not making a bunch of money here. It’d be cool. If it became that, you know, that’s not, that’s not in the back of my mind, you know, but it is, but in itself, just the the ways I’ve been rethinking my side business and how I approach to life, it’s just, it’s changing my life. It’s amazing. So people need to, you know, take those leaps and do those things, you know, may not everyone’s gonna want to make a podcast, but anything that you go for concerning the things you would never imagine. Absolutely. It kind of it kind of speaking to that a little bit. I’m curious if, if there’s some things you’d learned from your various guests that you think are, are, I guess, relevant to the conversation of finance or careers, you know, taking risks? Those kind of things?

Jason Baller 12:57
Yeah, and, you know, there, I’ve talked to a lot of different people from a lot of different walks of life. I mean, some of them, you know, I talked to quite a few musicians, I’ve talked to, you know, different career and life coaches and things like that. I’ve talked to authors, and, you know, head football coaches, I’ve talked to various different people and kind of the running theme that I saw, was the best of the best always take action, and it kind of goes along with what you’re no better time, right the now. And that is to just do what it is that you want to do. Whether that’s, you know, get your 401k better, or whether that’s, you know, go to your boss and just take a stab and say, I’d like a raise, you know, it’s like, doing the thing that you’re almost kind of fearful of doing. Like, that’s the thing that drives a lot of these people to just push forward through those difficult things. And it’s, it is as simple as just taking action, doing the thing. And taking that first step. And it may be it may feel like a leap to some and others may feel like a baby step. And so, but it’s just moving in that direction, towards what it is you’re either passionate about what drives you. And like I said, I started this podcast, not even knowing that I was going to build a course. But I took the step right and so that step led to the next step, which led to the next step. And eventually this is where I’m at

Phil Salter 14:40
and these all add up to giant leaps in your life. right but it’s step by step, man, you pass the test you gave me chills. That was awesome. I I’m thinking about what you said. And just Yeah, I was thinking yeah, like, sometimes it’s the little steps that just getting you started and you because you’re saying big leaps, but sometimes little steps are like totally you know, because sometimes you feel like I don’t No like, but the thing I’ve said in previous episodes is like, do something don’t do nothing, right? Anything that puts you closer. Like, I think it’s so funny, then it kicked off this whole process for me, that led to me realizing, I need to learn more about this hobby kind of cool to do a podcast about that experience of learning. Yeah, I was like, I thought for so long, I want to put money aside for my kids every month. Sure. And I was like, I have to wait till I can do like something that is significant. Like I don’t if I can’t put more like it was 200 bucks per kid per month into some account, then what’s the point of doing it? Right? In one day, I had to start like, Wait a second. What if I just put 10 bucks a month per kid? You know, it’s not. It’s not like 100 bucks, but it’s something it’s not nothing. Right? So right. And then and then a few, about six months passed, or whatever it was, it was kind of the latter end of last year. And then this year came, I was like, What am I double that 20 bucks per kit? I have three kids, you know. And then I just thought, hey, next year 2022, I’ll double it again. And I’ll just keep doing that until well, as long as it makes sense. But just that’s what made me start thinking, Oh, what if I started putting more towards my retirement? What Why don’t I start looking more about what retirement could look like, for me, all that stuff. It’s all from little steps, you know, that may seem like, Oh, that’s not even worth doing. But it’s if it’s putting it closer and putting you in the right direction than it is most certainly was worth doing. And as soon as possible. So

Jason Baller 16:25
that’s, I was just thinking, you know, as you were kind of talking about that, you know, several years ago, I you know, I was listening to another podcast, and they were kind of talking about putting money into, you know, investments in the 401, K’s or IRAs or, you know, whatever it is that you want to do. And, you know, starting at that 3% match or whatever that your company does, but every year, or every six months, just up at a percentage, right? So you’re just doing a little bit, and by the time you’re at 10%, you won’t really have felt it because you’re just doing these incremental steps. And so that’s kind of what, when you were talking about that wouldn’t made me think, Oh, yeah, and ideally, like your own personal, you know, investment. So

Phil Salter 17:09
yeah, and as overtime they would be, and that’s also going to get you thinking differently. Sure, oh, I need more money. So I can keep doing this. I’m gonna ask for that race. I’m gonna push harder. I’m going to talk to my boss during my one on ones or my reviews and say, Where am I at? Where can I be? Let’s make some, like, legit goals right now together on paper. And I’m going to show you next time I talk to you that I, where I’m at and that I’ve made I’ve met the goals we talked about, these are all the things that you’re saying, it doesn’t have to be doing some crazy thing. You could be like, hey, what can I do now? Or I’m standing in my job I’m at now I don’t have to go start some big new software company. It’s like, what can I do where I’m at where I’m standing. That’s great. And I love what you’re saying that you kind of notice these patterns in the people, you talk to these universal truths. I have an episode coming out tomorrow, I’m talking about universal patterns and truths that are all around us. So hopefully you you check that one out, Jase, I will. But, uh, any other patterns? Or are things you kind of have noticed with your guests that stand out to you?

Jason Baller 18:10
You know, so, so I was talking to, you know, Andy Reed from the Kansas City Chiefs, the head football coach, and he said something that was kind of profound, because, you know, he’s, he’s worked with, you know, some amazing, amazing athletes, right? I mean, not just Patrick mahomes, which everybody knows of right now. But, I mean, he’s worked with the Jerry Rice’s, the, all of these, you know, super, super early athletes and, and I asked him, like, how do you? How do you motivate or get those particular players to grow? And that was the question I asked, but what he said what could be used in any aspect, and that is that they always just ask, what can I do next to become better? What can I do next become greater at my skill or my thing? What they’re always looking for? Some way to move up? They’re not looking to just stay at their plateau. Right. And I think that’s oftentimes what happens at least in career or financial path is we just say, Oh, you know what, I’m happy where I’m at and no, like, What? What is it that you can do to be the next step to get better at your craft? It whatever that craft is, right? What, what’s the thing you can do? I thought that was pretty profound. At least when I heard it, it kind of struck a chord with me was, yeah, we can do, what is that thing that we can do?

Phil Salter 19:40
And that’s hard. And that’s the thing is, depending on where you’re at, that can be incredibly scary question to ask, because that sure, requires a lot of work and introspection. And maybe you need to reach out to those around you to say, hey, or maybe someone that’s superior to help you isolate where you can improve. And that’s a scary prospect. because like you said, If You’re comfortable, you know, if you’re too comfortable, like, you got to get a little uncomfortable if you want to be if you’re to be growing, you know. And it’s funny, because today I’m a software engineer and I’m on a team. And and we had a kind of a weekly planning meeting. And there’s this guy on my team who’s way, way been doing this way less time than I have, you know, he just barely he’s very junior, and senior software engineer, but he’s just killing it. Like, he’s just working. Like, we have these tasks, and he’s just plowing through them and just like, getting way more done than me. And I was like, dang, because I kind of lead these meetings. I’m not like a team lead, was called as a scrum master. It’s like, it’s kind of about the process, like, Hey, I lead these meetings, like planning and blah, blah, it doesn’t matter. I just don’t want to make it sound like I’m sure. I’m not. So anyways, I was just like, because I have the ability to kind of direct the conversations by poker. And I just like said, dang, as I hit me, like, dang, he’s like, I had this thought, like, man, either he’s amazing, or I suck like those, like, as if those were the only two options, you know, let me he is amazing. But you know, what I just I just like said, You know what, let’s have a conversation. We just finished planning. Before we like go our separate ways. It’s all remote. You know? I said, Greg, like, you’re just doing so much work. You’re constantly getting things done, like what’s happening, like, what are you doing mentally to get to that place where you say, I don’t want to just do what I committed to I want to go beyond. And he kind of shared some things. And I was like, Alright, like, if I was too proud or scared to ask that question. Like I pointing out that I’m, like, pointing out, you’re doing more than me right now. Like, that was kind of hard to say at first. But then I realized, how can I do better? If I don’t look at myself and look differently? You know what I mean?

Jason Baller 21:50
Yeah, totally agree. Yeah, a little bit of, you know, humility, I think goes a long ways. And that’s kind of what you’re talking about. Right? And, and I think that’s the part where we can grow. And so yeah, that’s a great story,

Phil Salter 22:05
just asking questions and asking and learning. And if someone has information for you, it doesn’t matter if it seems like they don’t know what they’re like, I’ve been doing this longer. Well, it’s not there’s no, it’s no good. It’s not gonna get you anywhere. No, it’s not. And the people that are the most well, I don’t know about this, but I just know, there’s plenty of people that are really far in life. I remember like, Listen, the podcast teaches you so much. You hear like, for instance, an interview of like, a big time director, and he’s like, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m always asking people, like, how, what’s the best way to get this shot? And it’s like, he’s so confident in his skills that he’s okay admitting when he doesn’t know something, because it’s like, I’ve already proven myself, I’m great. You know, what, so if I don’t know this, there’s got to be a good reason. And I’m gonna ask questions, you know, so, anyways, really good. I think I’m talking too much. Sorry. No, I’m loving it. Yeah, it was there anything else you wanted to share about your experience with the podcast before we wrap it up?

Jason Baller 23:05
You know, I, one of the other things that, you know, that has kind of come up. And again, I think this could be utilized all over, across the board. Right. But that is gratitude. And I think oftentimes, we, we kind of lacked the gratitude for the things that we have. And, and I really think that, you know, in talking to a lot of them, that’s where a lot of their successes come from, because they are grateful for the things they’ve learned. They’re grateful for what they have currently, they’re grateful for, you know, just the many, many things that they’ve seen in their life that have come from different, you know, they’re grateful for the people that have been in their life that have helped them get to where they are. Gratitude is definitely another one of those kind of, you know, running themes that I, that I’ve seen, and all the people that I’ve talked to, and they’re, I mean, you you wouldn’t think so. But they’re, they’re very humble people that have done a lot of things and they are grateful for the people that they were surrounded by that made them better. That, you know, took them to that level of greatness that they were seeking. So yeah,

Phil Salter 24:22
so I was kind of saying from, from my experience, like the greatest whatever, you know, the topic or thing is, seemed to have that that ability. I think the exception is that kind of we kind of see these examples, like in movies of the guy on top who’s just a jerk and steps and everybody along the way. I think that’s exception. You know, I think that the people that really do great things and have people’s respect, have have that humility, like we were saying you were saying, right, and that’s that’s a huge thing to realize. And as is really important to show gratitude, because it almost seems like a It’s, it gets you on both sides. Because if you’re grateful, you’re looking and noticing things, and you’re you’re making those connections, you’re seeing the patterns. And you’re grateful for them. And then being a positive, grateful person. People want to be around positive, grateful people. Yeah, they really don’t make them feel good. And so then they like, remember you, and then they’re going to be opportunities that come up that you wouldn’t have expected because you have that positive association. So it’s like good for everybody, for yourself, and for the everyone around you.

Jason Baller 25:35
Oh, yeah, I love gratitude, I love thinking about all the things that I’m grateful for. And I really do think that it helps. When you, you know, you, if you were talking about career, or finances, or whatever it be, when you’re when you show gratitude for the things that you currently have. I think it really just sets you up for better success. Because then you you’re not just thinking, Oh, poor me, or, man, I’m in a bad situation, or whatever it is, you’re just grateful for what you have. And then just try to be better do better. Whatever it is, take that little step right that that I was kind of talking about taking action do the thing. If it’s hard, or you’re afraid of it, then that’s probably the thing that you should do.

Phil Salter 26:20
Yes. And I don’t know why I thought of this. But have you found in your life that other times when you see something in someone that you really appreciate? And you hold back telling them?

Jason Baller 26:32
Oh, yeah, you already do. And I don’t know why. I don’t know why that is. I mean, it shouldn’t be that way. Right? Yeah. Like, you know, kind of you were telling your story about, you know, Oh, is he just awesome? And I suck. Phil, you’re amazing, right? Like, you know. But you’re right. Like, I don’t think that we tell other people how good they are and the great things that they do and that we’re grateful for them in our our lives, right. And so, I totally agree. I think we should say those things more often.

Phil Salter 27:09
And sometimes you might be embarrassed or like, it might seem silly. Sure. And I’ve tried really hard for a while now ever since I read this book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s great. I love I’ve read it three times, I’ve decided I’m gonna read every year. I read it already dislike within the last 12 months. But man, it’s so good. It’s so old. But yet it’s just so universal, the concepts, but just that the thing that taught me I learned from that is that is that positivity, and to tell people that the things they’re doing right, and not pointing out what they’re doing wrong. And I try really hard. I’m not perfect at it. But when I think of something, if I’m being cognizant enough to, you know, say, hey, I need it, I should tell that person. And it’s gone a long way for me, like as the scrum master on my team leading meetings and like, have the opportunity to tell people like, Man, you’re awesome because of this. And it feels so good. And I can see that they there they light up when I tell them. And I’ve learned that all mad, I’m not going to hold back is I’ll try as hard as I can to not hold back those, those compliments when I see them. Like I said of you like you reaching out to me, like, kind of blows my mind that someone else that’s doing a podcast would take the time to just reach out to me not I didn’t solicit anything from you. And you just saw, hey, I could help him. And that’s, that’s not typical. And so that says a lot about you as a person. So I appreciate that of you. So thank you. Absolutely inspires me to want to help others, you know, so.

Jason Baller 28:41
Yeah, and I think that, you know, whether it’s a podcasting journey, or it’s life, or it’s whatever it is, I think that we, you know, if we have that skill set, and those things that we can help somebody, why wouldn’t we share that with them? To make this world a better place? I like to bring more hope into things and be more hopeful. And that’s, that’s kind of my journey. And, and that’s part of, you know, my philosophy that I’m living. Yeah, I’m doing exactly what I’m saying. I’m going to do, which is help somebody else if I can help them.

Phil Salter 29:19
Yeah, I can only think of one reason not to help someone. It’s if there’s like, an NBA game on, you know, but besides that, yeah, definitely, man. Thanks again, Jason, for your time. It’s It’s been such a pleasure to speak with you. I’ve been looking forward to it. People just check out Jason’s podcast sprinkle with hope. Who’s your co host? Again? I’m trying to I’m so it’s my brother Shane. I didn’t know it’s your brother. Awesome. Me and him started that while ago and your son did the music for it right?

Jason Baller 29:51
Yeah, he did. My son did the intro and the outro for it. So which

Phil Salter 29:55
are awesome and when he someone says in their spring who was whoa or something? Is that your son? Yeah, that’s okay. Yeah as he does music I think I’ve seen it does Yeah. posted his stuff so that’s cool. Yeah if people want to get learn more about you is the best place then sprinkled with hope calm.

Jason Baller 30:13
Yeah sprinkle hope calm is the best way to find us. There’s a you know about section you can also we have an email that you can get in touch with us right through there. has all of our podcast episodes linked right on our on our website

Phil Salter 30:30
soon to have something to

Jason Baller 30:31
have our training courses up and yeah, up and going. So

Phil Salter 30:36
yeah, great. So check that out. And if anyone has any questions for Jason, based on this conversation, you can email me at No Better Time. podcast@gmail.com and I’ll forward them to him and we’ll see what he has to say. And thanks again, Jason. You have been a pleasure. Oh, definitely. You have a good one. You too.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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