37: The Power of Awareness – Todd Bauerle


Today I talk to Todd Bauerle (a returning guest!) about the power of awareness. No matter where we are in life, we always have room for more growth. Being aware of what we really want – truly getting to the core of it required awareness to cut through the white noise and distractions and doubts. If we want something we need to manifest it first in our minds.

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Phil Salter 0:00
Todd, this is your second time here during this podcast.

Todd Bauerle 0:03
Yeah, for sure.

Phil Salter 0:04
And as you recall, last time we just chatted we Yeah, we chatted about what did we talk about last time?

Todd Bauerle 0:11
I think we just talked about, like getting started and going after your dream, like we just kind of had a conversation about like, what are the factors that bring you to change?

Phil Salter 0:20
Yeah, that’s right. And cow Change is hard. And we can wait until it’s painful enough that we have no choice but to change, right? Or we can, you know, get on it and proactively change. And I don’t, I mean, I think ideally, we will change before it gets too painful. But all that matters is that we react and change eventually.

Todd Bauerle 0:42
That’s the whole point of everything right is to grow, is to become more than we are currently.

Phil Salter 0:47
Yeah. And if we’ve changed, and we’ve grown, then we can feel good about that. We don’t have to think man, why did it take so long? Who cares? Man, there’s no set schedule for anybody, right? We all own our own path.

Todd Bauerle 0:56
Well, that’s the other thing is when you finally get to where you want to be, then everything that’s in the past or anything that’s like a bump in the road that leads you to a point where you felt frustrated in the past or you felt stuck, like all of that makes sense. And it’s all okay, because where you’re at is, is amazing. And so there’s there’s a lot of grace that you like, retro actively extend yourself.

Phil Salter 1:19
Yes, I like that. Let’s talk about really quick where you’re at. So beautiful.

Todd Bauerle 1:24
Yeah, I’m in northern Michigan, it’s it’s a slightly hazy overcast day. Otherwise, the lake would be super blue and, and amazing. So it’s just a little gray. So I’m in northern Michigan, this is this is part of my goal, life and dream. That’s It’s a family property. My I was fortunate enough to have great grandparents that bought a bunch of property in this little town called Glen Arbor, Michigan, and built cottages for all of their kids, they had four kids. And then some of them had more, more family and bought more property. And so there’s been this string of property up here that I came through as a kid. And it was the best time of my life. And so when I was at a point of reinventing myself and say, Okay, what do I really want, if I can, if I can be do or have whatever I want, what do I want. And what I wanted was the feeling of a kid, the limitless feeling of being a kid, and I could do whatever I want. I could, you know, sleep all day, or get up early and read a book and I could go swimming, I could play in the woods, like this was the place that felt like the most abundant to me, I didn’t realize it at the time, it was a place that was most abundant. So my biggest goal was I wanted to spend every summer back here, not just for me, but I’ve got three boys, my oldest is 12, my youngest is nine.And I wanted to give them the summers that I had growing up. And so this was 2016 when I set that goal, so every summer, I come back here all summer long. And I have since 2017, I’ll be back here like eight or nine weeks this year, it was 10 weeks last year.But it was only like, maybe five the year before that. And so it’s just a continual expression of like, how I want to live my life. So

Phil Salter 3:14
awesome. I love it. I remember when you did this the first time. Yes, I remember. You’re like I’m going to Michigan for a period of time. And, and I was like, I guess so we’re like, we got to get a couple movies in because we do movie nights before you go. And are you saying I want to be able to do this longer and longer each year? And it’s really cool to see this. Come to reality for you. Yeah. So you went through a long period of time like as a child, this was like your special place. Anyone years without going to the to this?

Todd Bauerle 3:42
Yeah. Yeah. So I I was born in Michigan, but we moved to Arizona and like 20, excuse me in 1982. And so we would come back every year. For a while. As a child. My mom was a school teacher. And she would come back for the whole summer. And we’d visit family downstate, and we’d spend three, four. I think the longest we ever spent up here was six weeks one summer. My dad only had a two week vacation. So when he came back, he be here for a couple days. And then we go downstate, and visit family. My parents divorced in 92. And it became less and less frequent. The next longest summer that I was back here was probably about six weeks when I was 16. I worked at the grocery store and that was kind of a miserable time in my life. I mean, like all 16 year olds, right, but I was doing that job instead of hanging out on the beach. And then when I you know grew up and got older, and I’m a poor college kid, like I can’t afford to fly out here. I got a job where I’ve only got so many weeks of vacation. And so when I look back at my life, like my kids had only been here twice. We came up in 2011 with my youngest son No, it was it was 2010 excuse me, my youngest son was born in 2008. So he was here a year old, my second son wasn’t even born. And then my kids were born in 2010, and 2012, respectively. So we came up again. 2014. So all three of my kids had only been up here one time, by the time I set this goal, and now they’re up here every year. So did you find yourself trying to get back to a certain place? It sounds like where you’re like, I want to feel that that freedom and that, yeah, that lightness that I felt when I was a child. Yeah, it’s more chasing a feeling right? Everything in life is based on feeling whether you realize it or not. And most people are trying to escape the feeling of being trapped, lost, stuck, frustrated, angry, powerless, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, victimized, whatever it is, we have the negative feelings in life that we’re just trying to escape. And so for me, it was just thinking about this was freeing. So get factional place,

Phil Salter 6:04
you’re focusing on feeling it with yourself with a positive feeling and experience, rather than saying, I don’t want to feel bad. It’s like, Oh, this will make me feel good. Yeah. And this will make me feel free. And and there’s not space for the negativity, it’s a different way to look at it a different approach, I think, then focus on what we don’t want, you found a way to get what you wanted. And what you needed.

Todd Bauerle 6:24
Yeah. Well, that’s, I mean, you’re either motivated by pain or pleasure, which is what we talked about last time. And so this was for, I didn’t know the word but the word was abundance. The word was abundant. I wanted to have that abundant life, abundant and time abundant in in wealth, abundant in joy and love and abundance in all things. Right. And so this was the place that came to mind. Wow, do you find it hard when you first get there each year that to kind of, to slow down and enjoy it, you have to like do a transition because you’re like, sometimes get to that place where you can kind of release? Yeah, so like, I started my own business in 2017. And I worked a lot that summer up here, I was on the screened in porch back here. And at 2017. You know, I, it was more vacation, because I had two weeks, two and a half weeks up here. But I did a lot of stuff. 20 2018 I worked a lot 2019 I worked a lot. Last year, I spent more time doing what I was what I wanted. And that was the first time in a 30 day period, I earned my annual income in a month, my old annual income that $35,000 in a month. And this this year, you know, my business has succeeded to a point where I really took vacation, like I came up here and I’m like, I’m gonna work as little as possible. And so I almost felt like work is more of a chore. But I’ve also, I’ve also dramatically multiplied my income so that I can do that I could take that time off, and I but I feel a little bit guilty, like I shouldn’t be doing something more, I should be doing something more. So I

Phil Salter 8:04
totally, I mean, I just came back last week, I did like a reunion up down in St. George, it was even for a full week. But I decided I didn’t even release any podcast episodes last week. Not that anybody noticed, you know, but I was just like, you know, I was at this point, like, I maybe I’ll edit, have these interviews I’ve done and I need to edit them. And I’m like, had this kind of back in my mind plan. But I was like, You know what, I’m just gonna, like, let things go. And it’s gonna be okay, and just enjoy myself. And that was hard, you know, because I kept thinking of things I could be doing. And it’s hard to release. It’s not that it’s bad to be productive. But it’s also really good to just enjoy your life and experience the moment

Todd Bauerle 8:39
to be present. Right. That’s what I’m trying to do. Like, you probably noticed, I haven’t posted any pictures on Facebook at all this entire trip. And I didn’t, I didn’t intentionally do it. But now I feel like because I love looking at the Facebook memories and go I remember that in this year. And I remember this and that year. And I’m not going to have that for this year, just because I didn’t I’d rather be present. I’ve taken some pictures but not a ton. I’m, I’m more enjoying the moment than feeling like I’ve got to document it for something or share it with somebody like I’ve just, it’s just different this year for me.

Phil Salter 9:13
That’s so interesting, because it’s true. Like sometimes I want to like document a really amazing moment because I’m like, Oh, dang, like this has to add to share this, or I want to remember this, but it’s like, yeah, just experience it. You know, it almost seems like it has more value. If you really experience it. You’re distracting yourself from the actual experience. When you’re busy thinking about how cool be for people to see this or know that experiences or whatever. Very cool. So I’ve ever kind of end of our previous conversation. We’re talking about this idea of like, kind of the positivity put out there and kind of how do we like manifest this kind of stuff? Yeah. And I look at you and you have a very unique opportunity. Not everyone necessarily has a family property on Lake Michigan. They can go to four weeks doesn’t mean they couldn’t find a way to get that if that was like their most important thing right. If that was they could do it,

Todd Bauerle 10:01

Phil Salter 10:01
But everyone needs to obviously determine like, what is the thing that they’re they want to search for or strive for. In fact, they just started this book called “The One Thing” just last night. In fact, I don’t know. “The One Thing” and I’ve only read like the first three chapters, but I’m like, Dude, this is gonna be really good. It’s Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Like a Papason chair. I think it’s patent babies. pap is on P A P A S A N. But I’m really cool. Because all ideas like, we think we have to focus on all these different things, but really always comes down to if we can focus on one most important thing. Yeah. That’s will give us success. And all these other places. And one of the examples I gave that really resonated with me was you look at Star Wars, right? Star Wars The first six movies, I know you’re like this, this is example they gave it I’m gonna maybe butcher the example. But the idea right? For the first six movies that say a made like $30 billion, or something, I don’t know. Let’s just say that’s what it was. And so what would you say? was the one thing that made Star Wars successful? Was it the movies, or was it the merchandise?

Todd Bauerle 11:08
Uh, well, so the merchandise took off and had a life of its own. But for me, I think it’s I think it’s the emotional impact that people left the theater with, right?

Phil Salter 11:21
Yeah. Even though they said maybe it was like $90 billion the products made the merchandise, but the movies made like maybe a third of a quarter of it.

Todd Bauerle 11:29

Phil Salter 11:29
He’s like, still, the one thing was the movies because other movies, no one cares about this merchandise, right?

Todd Bauerle 11:34
Well, but also also like, cuz I’ve been the Star Wars geek that I am. Every single time I’ve seen the original Star Wars in the movie theater, like everyone applauds, like loses their mind when the death star explodes, right? So the only reason that the merchandise or the soundtrack By the way, the soundtrack made a ton of money compared to other film scores from 1977. They they wanted a piece of that they want to take a piece of that feeling home with them, right. So you buy your little Luke Skywalker and x wing action figure and you play the soundtrack to it. And you read the book and you read the comics. And it feels like you’re in the theater when the desktop explodes. And everybody applauds.

Phil Salter 12:12
Hmm. So yeah, this is emotional impact this thing did. And so the, the one thing that makes this so successful is that emotion, they’re able to bring in the people, right? And everything around that, like how do we get that emotion in whoever This was intentional or not? Right. But that’s what it comes down to. That’s what makes it effective. And they were like, what are the things we could do to create that emotion? They did it right. Yeah. Successful? Yeah. So we look at our lives and we say like, what is the thing we need to focus on that can be hard to isolate down to the one thing but like you said, maybe for you, would you say the one thing for you was I want to be free enough to go to Michigan every summer? Was that kind of a big motivating factor? Was that the one thing for you?

Todd Bauerle 12:48
That was the one thing for me, it was that mattered more than the moneymore than the money goal? Because I had on my gold card. I’m I’m so happy and grateful now that I earn $100,000 over $100,000 a year. Actually, I didn’t even think I said that. I think I said six figures. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have earned six figures. It’s been long summers at the cottage, Michigan, like I put the money in there to please my coach at the time.And I wanted to have an income goal. And that was like triple my income. And but it was this, this is more than anything what I wanted

Phil Salter 13:22
say like, if you would go back, you’d say actually, you maybe put that goal because you thought that’s what would look good. Or that person might want you to put or you don’t know, maybe but you’re saying really the most accurate thing would have been spend my summers and I’d like Michigan?

Todd Bauerle 13:35
Yeah. That’s it

Phil Salter 13:37
okay. So how does someone do this? Like? How does someone like a guest decide what’s going to motivate them? And how do they manifest these big goals in their lives to make their life better and more meaningful?

Todd Bauerle 13:49
So that’s, I mean, we could talk for hours about that. Yeah, cuz that’s an answer. That’s a process. Um, so So, you know, I think it comes down to to being honest with yourself, you’ve got to be honest, first and foremost. Most people are not honest. With themselves. Most people are extremely dishonest with themselves. They don’t want to admit what they want. They don’t want to admit how they do feel. They don’t want to admit really any responsibility for their lives. And so it comes down to being honest. Are you 100% happy with where you’re at? 99% of the people are gonna say no. Okay, then what would you love to have happened to you this year that you’re not expecting? I think that’s the one question that you can ask yourself, like, what would you love to have happen? And, and it’s that question is phrased in a way that allows people to just kind of wonder and play with that. I Oh, I’d love to win, you know, 150,000 $150 million in the Powerball. Well, why? What would you do with it? How would that change you? How would that change your life? What’s the first thing you would go buy, I guarantee you, if you if you had if you if you won the Powerball The first thing you’re not, you are not going to go pay off all of your bills like screw that that can wait for next month. Like what are you going to? Do? You got to take your family on a trip to Disneyland? Are you gonna quit your job? Because you freakin hate it so much. Like, what’s the thing that you’re going to do? What would you love to have happen to you? And if it’s if it’s money, why? If it’s a relationship, why, if it’s like, yeah, and play with that idea, that’s how I

Phil Salter 15:37
try to put yourself in that, that mindset, which is hard, like you said, like to be really honest. And it’s hard to maybe, like, try to really imagine having that much money, right? Like, what would you actually do? And just be honest, and you’re right, like, it would probably be like, let’s go somewhere really amazing, you’ll do something so I can go pay off my bills, and it’s not just all sudden having all this money. “Oh, I’m happy now”. You know, money’s not happiness.

Todd Bauerle 15:59
No, cuz you’re gonna wait, you guys. What’s funny, like, you’re gonna, you’re gonna, you’re gonna get that check, you’re in cash it, you’re gonna have $150 million in the bank, and you’re gonna, like, pardon me for being crass. But you’re gonna wake up the next morning, and go to the bathroom and take a crop in the exact same way you always have for the rest of your life. Yes, right, you’re gonna have to, you’re gonna have to eat food, you’re gonna have to, you know, make your bed. Now, you can even hire someone to make your bed. But you’re you are fundamentally going to be the exact same person. And so when you start looking at, what do you want, what was what’s the one thing that you would love to have happened to you that you’re not expecting this year? I’d love to find I want to find love. I want to find a fulfilling career. I want to see my kids succeed, I want to have a lot of money, I want to buy a sports car, have a dream home, I want to take a dream vacation. Why do you want that thing, you want that thing because it acts it, it’s the expression of a feeling or emotion that’s polar opposite to what you’re feeling? Hmm. So I want the money because I’m tired of struggling financially, I want to quit my job because I hate working here. Because I hate how my boss makes me feel. I want a relationship because I’m lonely. Right? What we want is the polar opposite to where we’re at. And this is where people don’t want to be honest, and look into that feeling of loneliness. That’s what needs to be addressed. The feeling of lack, financially or emotionally, or the stress of a job, that’s where your work is, you have to resolve that feeling if you’re ever going to manifest anything bigger, better beyond where you’re at.

Phil Salter 17:39
So I guess if I’m following, it seems like the power is determining what that thing is, and really why you want it. Because you might think I want a sports car. But it’s like, really what I want to do is feel free to hit the road and just go into where I want or you know, whatever, what really is the thing? And it’s like, you don’t necessarily Are you really don’t need $150 million to get that reality.

Todd Bauerle 17:59

Phil Salter 18:00
If you’re like, you know, what, if I had $150 million, I would just drop everything and go to Disneyland, like you said, rather than worse away, I could do that sooner than later, instead of waiting till I have $150 million, is that kind of what you’re getting a little bit is like well, determining and like taking steps or

Todd Bauerle 18:15
Yes, but what I’m saying is the feeling of where you’re at, and where you’re stuck right now in life is the problem. You feel lack, you feel anger, you feel powerless, you need to resolve that feeling. Right? to manifest what it is that you want, you have to feel like it’s already happened. neville goddard writes about this. He’s a he, he does a lot of spiritual mindset, law of attraction kind of writing, but from, like, 60 years ago, plus. So in his book, The Power of awareness, he talks about the feeling of the wish fulfilled, what you need to possess is not the thing, the feeling of the wish fulfilled. So if you want a relationship, because you’re so lonely, you need to not feel lonely, for that relationship to show up.

Phil Salter 19:08
Oh, so you’re saying you need to, like, start manifesting that emotional state. It’s like, emotionally dressed for the job you want kind of thing like you want to be in that place.

Todd Bauerle 19:19
That’s exactly right. Because once you feel that way, things start happening. Right, like, let’s go, let’s go back to a conversation that we had. I think I think this was maybe go into driving up to the funeral for Andy and Kevin, and you and I were in the car. And I was like, you were in between jobs at that point, I think and I’m like, Dude, why don’t you just do your photography business full time. The feeling that you had is I can’t do that.Right? Because I feel like maybe I get burned out or maybe I couldn’t rely on myself or I need to have this outside security in a job right? That so you couldn’t imagine doing That thing because of how you felt, however, the and I was like, yeah, go buy a drone, because you need like, man that’s expensive, and who’s gonna want drone photography and blah, blah, blah, this and that and the other, right? Like all of those kind of lack ideas. But once you felt like, you know what, maybe I could do more of this, maybe this is a great thing. Maybe I could get a drone. Maybe once you felt that way, guess what happened? You got the drone, your business grew, right, you’re making the podcast, you have to feel that way first, for those things to start manifesting?

Phil Salter 20:28
Well, it’s funny, because I remember that conversation now. And I remember I’ve had this kind of thought before, because it’s like, it isn’t just because I have a side business doesn’t mean it has to become my full time thing if I don’t want it to be. But the question is, do I really not want it to be or am I just scared that it It can’t be? And that’s the thing I was remember that conversation was like, I don’t even know whether or not I want this. I just think I’m too scared about if it’s even possible. And that’s like, was totally in the way of me deciding what I even want it you don’t I mean,

Todd Bauerle 20:54
and that’s an uncomfortable examination. Right? Most people don’t want to sit down and lean into that. This is where that term lean in that Bernie brown talks about lean into the discomfort? Well, you have to lean into Well, why do you feel like you can’t do that? Why are you afraid to question it?

Phil Salter 21:12
It’s so hard to have those honest in dialogues. And when people pointed out to you, because remember, I’ve had conversations with you, where you really asked me some very direct questions. We’re just kind of casually hanging out for Kevin a show before watching a movie. And I’m like, I don’t like the way I feel right now. And I’m like, I’m not like mad at you or anything, but I’m just like, I don’t like that. I don’t like this, you know, but it’s like, and I’m thinking there’s something wrong, but it’s really it’s like, No, man, I’m just having to really get inside my head in my heart a little bit. And that can be really uncomfortable. And, and, and many times people, I just push that away and say I don’t want to go there anymore. Like I don’t like that place. But it’s so necessary, right? You got to traverse those paths, I guess

Todd Bauerle 21:47
you have to the conflict inside is something to be resolved. If you’re if you’re going to get to where you’re at. That’s where the work is. Most people like when because I coach people in law of attraction and abundance and things like that, when you know, our first conversations are always about what is it that you want?What does that look like? If we’re together, and I’m gonna help you get whatever you want? What does that look like? What’s the destination look like? And then why are you not there?And we have some surface level discussions of it. But if I had in that conversation told them, Hey, you got to stare down all of your demons in the face to get what you want. Most people be like, Yeah, no, I’m good in the comfort zone. I’m good. I’m good. Remaining ignorant.

Phil Salter 22:32
Yes. And so and in your way, you kind of say this, like, very broadly, earlier in this conversation, you’re saying like, people like you’re, you’re afraid you’re not happy? It’s like, I mean, is that generally true about people? Would you say I mean, obviously, your persona? Like, would you say even you like you’ve made these steps? Would you say even now that’s true for you?

Todd Bauerle 22:49

Phil Salter 22:51
Okay, like, How come?

Todd Bauerle 22:53
Well, because, you know, there’s, I’m still competing with inner shadows and demons inside of me, the biggest problem that we have is comparing ourselves to other people. And that’s actually not even comparing ourselves to other people. It’s an imagined comparison. Like, I think that this person must be so much better than me because of what results that they have. And so we kind of like diminish ourselves and elevate ourselves, or elevate other people in that comparison. And we try to judge ourselves by our perception of another person. And that creates an inferiority complex, most people feel inferior to somebody else. And and if they don’t, they’re lying to themselves, because everybody has some insecurity. And so what do they try to do? They try and compensate, and try and be more superior than other people. This is the whole like, you know, the the most weak willed weak minded guys go out and buy the super muscle cars, right to cover that ineptitude. Right. So there’s always we’re always compensating based on our perception of other people. And so we always feel that way. And I feel that way, too. I have that same challenge sometimes,

Phil Salter 24:03
but you’re, you’re happier than you were I imagined, like, there’s still a reason to do this, right?

Todd Bauerle 24:07

Phil Salter 24:08
Gaining more levels of clarity and self awareness and happiness. And meeting goals. Like whether it be physical or emotional, you know, I mean, like, there’s a reason to still do this as I do. Because when you’re saying this, I’m like, dang, you’re always gonna be like this. It’s like, no, but like, on some level, right? We’re always

Todd Bauerle 24:27
Otherwise your not grown,

Phil Salter 24:29
I was about to say, what’s more depressing than being like, Oh, cool. I don’t have to do anything ever again. I can just sit here and I’ve arrived. No, we’ve never fully arrived. That’d be that’d be the worst part ever. Having been able to grow

Todd Bauerle 24:40
because whatever success whatever happens in life to bring you the success of where you’re at is not the same things. It’s going to help keep you there. Right. So as soon as you start arriving, you start sliding backwards. Right. So I’ve experienced that, you know, I’ve I’ve had crazy success in the last even Six months. I mean, this year I, like, I don’t want to flex but I feel like sharing some concrete realities with people helps them understand like, so I’ve earned a quarter million dollars this year. So far, that’s a far cry from $35,000 a year. And once I hit that, and I hit a certain status, I coach for a guy named Bob Proctor, who is just one of the best human potential teachers, one of the best prosperity teachers in the world. I’m I’m one of his top coaches. In fact, I’m probably one of five coaches in the United States that has this level of success with him. And once I hit that level, like I said, I didn’t have the next goal in mind, and I started backsliding, right? There’s there’s a, there’s a burden that you carry, once you realize that you can be 100% responsible for your life and you can create whatever you want is that now you know that when your mindset isn’t right, that you’re screwing it all up,

Phil Salter 25:57
you’re doing it yourself,

Todd Bauerle 25:58
but you’re doing it to yourself. And so the whole reason to set the next goal and to grow isn’t because I need need more money. But there’s, there’s things and experiences that I want that I know I can have. And if you know that you can do it, then you’re compelled to follow through with it. Because otherwise, what’s the whole point?

Phil Salter 26:17
So you’ve you’ve taken the whatever pill that takes you out of the matrix, you can’t go back like,

Todd Bauerle 26:23
yeah, you can go

Phil Salter 26:24
too much you’re aware of what’s happening. I think that’s the name of this part of this episode is “The Power of Awareness”. That’s what I’ve decided. Because that’s where it’s at, man.

Todd Bauerle 26:31
It is, it is. And everything is about awareness. And most people who are honest, are just content to like, put their heads in the sand and continue to be unaware. And that lack of awareness is where the powerless victim frustration mentality comes in, which is where 99% of people live.

Phil Salter 26:53
Yeah, I mean, honestly, on some level, you know, I’ve been there and I’m trying to, I’m still there, obviously, we all are, like he said, we’re all working through things, little by little, but

Todd Bauerle 27:02
And doing our best.

Phil Salter 27:03
But for me, for me right now, the thing that hit me was this podcast, for me is the “one thing” because what this podcast has done is pushed me to learn new things, think differently. It’s made me do better at work. Because now I like think how can I make the most of where I stand here at work, maybe I don’t do this forever. But if I’m going to be here, I’m going to do it all do it the best I can. I’ve already had opportunities to be presented to me to potentially be have more leadership opportunities with where it currently works. That’s what I want. My business, my side business, I’ve already been able to make it more passive, because to me, that’s what I’m pushing for is more passive income. I’m already like, I have someone who I’m training to become a photographer so that I don’t have to do all the photoshoots anymore. I you know, all these things. And it’s like, wow, these are the things because of this podcast. For me though. It’s not the only thing, but it’s the most important thing I think I’m doing right now,

Todd Bauerle 27:53
It’s growth. It’s growth.

Phil Salter 27:55

Todd Bauerle 27:56
And and growth. So by law needs to be expressed globally, your if you’re growing inside, by law, it’s going to show up in your outside results. It has to that’s part of natural law of correspondence as within. So without, right, so you’re going to grow within, you have to manifest growth opportunities outside of you. And most people are not growing, they’re not most people are looking for someone outside of themselves to do the growth. So they, their boss needs to come up with their professional development plan or their teacher, you know, or, or, or friends or family that they’re in, you know, because as kids, we were relying upon our parents to help us grow, but at some point, we need to take responsibility for that growth, and start doing it ourselves. And

Phil Salter 28:41
yeah, like if we just wait for Oh, go ahead. Sorry,

Todd Bauerle 28:44
no, and most people aren’t ready to do that.

Phil Salter 28:46
Yeah if we wait for like our manager or supervisor to tell us this is what you need to do to get to the next level. It’s like no, you know what I mean?

Todd Bauerle 28:52
Your manager or supervisor who’s probably not growing themselves.

Phil Salter 28:56
Yeah, I mean, even if they are like, everyone’s responsible for that for themselves, you know. And so that’s the thing that I’m realizing as people listen is that’s why this is such so relevant, because my podcast is about learning about investing in building wealth, increasing your passive income. Like, why are we going to do this? Like what is the motivation is because that’s where you need to determine if you’re listening to this and you’re saying, I want to have an awesome retirement or I want wealth. Right now let’s is that what I want? I’m realizing it went from me saying, I want to have a great retirement like, No, I don’t wanna wait till then. I want to have wealth now. And abundance now. Ask yourself these questions. This is gonna be hard, but like, ask yourself, What am I Why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve? And put yourself in that mental place now and start growing and then like you said, it will, growth will happen externally. It has to happens internally, it has to right it’s like a law of the universe or something.

Todd Bauerle 29:46
It is, it is it’s one of the laws of the universe. Right? That’s our our environment is a reflection of what’s going on inside with us period. And so if if if if you are stuck in If you are frustrated out within the without an your outside reality, you’re going to be confronted by all of those things that continue to make you feel that way. So you got to change it from within first, which is where we we say, What do you want? Why that thing is a is an expression or manifestation of the opposite feeling and experience that you feel right now. So therefore, you’ve got to work on that inside feeling

Phil Salter 30:27
to change that feeling inside.

Todd Bauerle 30:29
And there’s a whole lot more that goes into it. But

Phil Salter 30:31
Oh, sure, but I mean, these are, this is

Todd Bauerle 30:32
We’ll aparantly do a series of this.

Phil Salter 30:36
I’m up for it, man. And I’ll just say, if people wanted to learn more about you, and even reach out to you, potentially because you coach people, and you help people with these things.

Todd Bauerle 30:47
So actually, you know, the best place to follow me and see what I do is on Tick Tock at @ToddLBauerle, is my handle at TikTok, which I’m sure you can put in the show notes or something. Last name, ba u e r l e. So follow me there. But actually, I’ve got a free workshop coming up in like about a week here. So

Phil Salter 31:08

Todd Bauerle 31:09
Yeah. So jumping

Phil Salter 31:10
Can I get the link to that or something?

Todd Bauerle 31:12
Yeah, I’ll send you the registration link is July, July 26th through the 30th. And I’ll have some more content that will go through that weekend. So that’s Monday, the 26th of July through the 30th of July is when I’ll be doing t

Phil Salter 31:28
26th Or 22nd?

Todd Bauerle 31:32
26th. It’s another week away.

Phil Salter 31:34
Okay, 26th through 30th.

Todd Bauerle 31:38
Yeah, and it’s gonna be at at at noon Eastern time. I’ll be here on the deck. If the weather’s good doing teaching, it’s called this the secret to a button to the What am I calling it the secret to abundant living

Phil Salter 31:54
To abundant living. Well, I’m going to have this episode released on Wednesday of this week.

Todd Bauerle 32:02
Rad and plenty of time for people

Phil Salter 32:04
before this happens. For anyone who hears this build, you have an opportunity to do this free like virtual kind of remote workshop thing they can join live it sounds like

Todd Bauerle 32:14
yeah, you can join live, it’s going to be streamed on TikTok, I’m going to stream it on Facebook as well. In a closed Facebook group, I’ll put up I’ll put up links on YouTube for the sessions. Once they’re recorded and done. I’m gonna try and figure out a way that I can stream live to YouTube as well. So we’ll have a couple of options for people to be watching. There’ll be a workbook like comm if you’re ready to start leaning into the work. And, and and if you if you have that feeling inside that you want to change, and you don’t know how to create that abundance in your life. We’ll talk about it, for sure.

Phil Salter 32:48
Awesome, very good. And like I said, Well, I’ll get the link from you to where I can put in the show notes so people can get to this as well as the handle for TikTok. Thanks so much, Todd, I appreciate you taking the time again to talk about this stuff I love. I love talking about these kind of things.

Todd Bauerle 33:04

Phil Salter 33:04
It’s so important. And it’s so it’s so invigorating to talk with someone who really cares about growth and helps you realize things about yourself. And the more you grow, it never stops being exciting. That’s what’s cool. You get this certain milestones, you’re like, wow, I feel like so you can really feel accomplished and great. And then you can just, there’s always more and you can feel that again, you can feel that same rush, no accomplishment,

Todd Bauerle 33:25
which again, comes only from stepping into the unknown.

Phil Salter 33:30
Ahh, That’s true.

Todd Bauerle 33:30
Only and that’s that’s because you realize you have to travel the unknown to get where you want to go. You start to become more and more willing to to to say I don’t know how to do this, but I know that I can therefore I need I need to find a way to grow and do that thing. It’s exciting.

Phil Salter 33:50
Yeah, it is very exciting. And then the more times you see its work, the more you just are excited to be like I don’t know, I was just gonna happen but it’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be really exciting when it when it does, you know.

Todd Bauerle 34:01
That’s it.

Phil Salter 34:02
Well, thanks again, Todd.

Todd Bauerle 34:03
Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

Phil Salter 34:05
Of course.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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